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Mediterranean Cruising

Yazar:Rod Heikell
Yayıncı:Nadir Kitap ve Eserler
Ebat:17 X 24 cm
Sayfa Sayısı:170 s.
Baskı:İstanbul - 2008
Durumu:Ürün Tükendi.

Although the huge inland sea of the Mediterranean provides wonderfully diverse cruising opportunities, it can also deliver a few suprises to the unwary. Rod Heikell is the acknowledged expert on Mediterranean sailing, and this is the perfect guide for anyone cruising the area. Highly practical and packed with colour photos, this book gives sound advice on:
• Anchoring
• Berthing bow or stern-to
• What weather to expect
• Facilities and the costs of keeping a boat there
• Navigation
• Popular routes
• Formalities and what to expect ashore

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