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Turkish Straits Maritime Traffic Scheme Regulations

Yayıncı:Nadir Kitap ve Eserler
Kategori:Sahaf - Denizcilik Kitapları
Ebat:15 X 23 cm
Sayfa Sayısı:64 s.
Baskı:İSTANBUL - 1999
Durumu:Ürün Satışta. Temin Süresi: 3 Gün

20.00 TL

On November 6th, 1998 the Turkish Offical Gazette published the Turkish Straits Maritime Traffic Scheme Regulations for the administration of the Turkish Straits through which more than 50,000 ships per year.

This English translation of the Regulations was prepared for the use of ship owners, ship managers, masters and ship agents with the belief that such a translation would be beneficial. This translation is the result of an extensive study of the subject matter and is based on several sources. However, this is not an offical translation and the authors undertake no legal liability or responsibility.

The authors have striven to render as exact a translation of the original Turkish text as possible. However, in some instances, due to linguistic differences between Turkish and English and in order to render a clear and comprensible translation, relying on the authors´ in-depth familiarity of the Regulaitons, a decisions, a decision was made to provide the underlying meaning of the text rather than a strict literal translation.

We hope to have provided a service to the maritime community.


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