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Turkish Waters - Cyprus Pilot Fully Revised 7.Th Edition

Yazar:Rod Heikell
Yayıncı:Nadir Kitap ve Eserler
Ebat:22 X 31 cm
Sayfa Sayısı:360 s.
Baskı:ENGLAND - 2009
Durumu:Ürün Satışta. Temin Süresi: 3 Gün

260.00 TL

This 8th edition of Rod Heikell's guide to the coast of Turkey from the Bosphorus to the Syrian border and Cyprus has been revised following the author's visits to the coasts during 2005. Details of new yacht harbours have been collected and the data on the existing entries has been updated and improved throughout. There are many new plans and new photographs. This edition sees a reworked introduction which takes accounts of changing cruising patterns and interests. There is no other guide in English and Turkish Waters Pilot sets the standards for both pilotage and describing places to visit and see.

Geri Dön

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