Nicolas de Nicolay – Osmanlı İmparatorluğu topraklarında yaşayan Müslüman Kadın Gravürü – 2

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Femme d’eftat Grecque de La cit’e a’ Andrinople ville de Thrace.

Lyon: Guillaume Rouille, 1577, 19×13 cm., elle renklendirilmiş, ahşap baskı gravür.

Nicolas de Nicolay; LES QUATRE PREMIERS LIVRES DES NAVIGATIONS ET PEREGRINATIONS ORIENTALES. LYON: GUILLAUME ROUILLE, 1577.  Engravings (Woodcut) are by Assuerus van Londerseel, copying Louis Danet’s engravings after the designs of Nicolay. 19×13    cm.

Nicolay was the royal geographer sent by Henri II to Constantinople to join d’Aramont’s embassy in 1551. The illustrations are claimed by Nicolay as his own work, and Baudrier assigns them to Louis Danet of whom nothing else is known. This series of engravings has been described as the finest and most influential pictorial introduction of Turkish characters and costumes. Mortimer notes that in the Harvard copy the engravings are variously bound, some mounted on the blank versos, and others pasted back-to-back as plates. In the present copy, all of the engravings are bound separately.
Nicolay accompanied Gabriel d’Aramont, French diplomat and ambassador, on a mission to Constantionople in 1551. While there he wrote this account and sketched the remarkable figures of Levantine men and women in costume. The figures depict Greeks and Arabs, Turks and Armenians, Malteses and Moors, and the plate after p. 105 depicts a Jewish physician. The plate following p.113 of a Qalandrite, member of a dervish fraternity, is often mutilated by readers objecting to its obscenity. This French edition was reprinted and translated into Italian, German, Dutch and English, but only this edition contains the engravings by Danet.

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19×13 cm


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